Turkey can’t calm down

GettyImages-155042844-640x480Turkish leadership prepares another provocation against Russian aircraft.

According to Syrian intelligence Turkish Air Force has increased its flights along Syria-Turkey border. Moreover they transmit massages in English, Russian and Turkish languages warning Russian pilots to keep away from Turkish airspace at a distance of 20 kilometers.
These massages are transmitted on the radio frequencies which are used by Turkish Air Force and Air defense troops to obtain the information about the air situation. However Russian pilots don’t use these frequencies and can’t hear these massages. And it goes without saying that Turkey scrupulously records its parleys.
It’s obviously that the Turks try to make reliable “Alibi” to shoot down Russian aircraft. After that they want to present fake warnings to the world that no one physically could hear and to tell: “We warned Russian pilots but they did not respond!” And of course it is hard to believe that Russia will receive any apologies.
By all appearances Erdogan is dissatisfied with the progress of Syrian army which is supported by Russian Air Forces. He will try to provoke Moscow to response and then accuse it of aggression. After that he will get “legal” reason for land invasion of Syria to safe his oil business.

Here are the links to the file hosting website to download leaked radio messages:


And the archive with all of these records:



Source: Turkey can’t calm down

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