What if we didn’t expect girls to look like women and women to look like girls?

Professor, What If...?

Today was my son’s 5th grade graduation. As I sat trying to hold back the water works (I get all soppy at such events), I couldn’t help but notice at least 85% of the 5th grade girls were wearing high heels. Some were modest little heels, some were honking platforms, and some had spiky, sparkly heels of the variety you might see Carrie from Sex in the City trying to traipse around the streets of Manhattan in. One girl I walked past even had a French pedicure with rhinestones on her toes!

The plethora of girl feet I saw sadly crammed into adult shoes today reminds me of a post I read a few days back at Appetite for Equal Rights about high heels for babies. As the post (read it in full here) notes, the baby heels are not actually meant for walking. So, in other…

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