Cost of our support to Hadi

The White House revealed late on March 25 that it was providing intelligence and targeting support for Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen, which are designed to stem advances by Houthi rebels that threaten to overthrow its government.

The decision to intervene in what many observers fear could become a civil war between the Iranian-supported Shia rebels and a Yemeni government backed by Sunni Arab nations has raised concerns that the US is finding itself on the opposite side of similar sectarian tensions that have divided Iraq.
Experts say that is not double standards but just US foreign policy. “I would be more concerned if we had some sort of overly rigid policy. I think that would do us less good,” a former US ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine, told the Guardian.
Besides, supporters of ISIS have condemned the Saudi-led airstrikes on rebel Houthi fighters in Yemen, claiming in online forums and Twitter that the actions were a veiled attempt by the United States to interfere in the Middle East and propagate an American agenda.
“We will not allow America to interfere in the Arab world by using an Arab proxy. Arabs will only succeed when they leave the control of the Americans and move outside their circle of influence and control,” a well-known radical user, whose pen name is translated as “What hour?” wrote.
The same user continued, arguing that the U.S. shouldn’t be involved in Middle Eastern affairs at all, that the ancient schism between Sunnis and Shiites was a conflict that ought to be fought without western influence.
“The revenge is not only against the evil Shiites, and not only against the tyrants, but against those who provide them with the weapons and the missiles they use to draw out blood.”
We’ve just given another reason to ISIS attack our country.
Having Interfered in another conflict in the Middle East we gave another reason to ISIS attack our country. Why? Because of our impertinent “partners” who in fact manipulate us, trying to ruin diplomatic relations with one of the most important regional partner. Besides, Yemen bombing pulls coalition back from confrontation with ISIS leaving these terrorists one on one with Iran.
In the international arena a good name we’ve already lost. And it seems that we’ve completely got entangled… What will be then?

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