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Cost of our support to Hadi

The White House revealed late on March 25 that it was providing intelligence and targeting support for Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen, which are designed to stem advances by Houthi rebels that threaten to overthrow its government. The decision to … Continue reading

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About Art – Paintings by Otar Imerlishvili

Originally posted on Georgia About:
Otar Imerlishvili is a Georgian artist-restorer. Born in 1970 in Tbilisi, he graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. His colorful paintings have been exhibited in Georgia and abroad. Painting by Otar Imerlishvili Painting by…

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You Monsters Are People of New York (Not Copying HONY)

Originally posted on You Monsters Are People.:
Considering the nearly unfathomable popularity of things like Humans Of New York, I wanted to try my hand at capturing the essence of big city pedestrians myself (because I was inspired NOT because I was copying…

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Massasoit’s Decision: First Contact and Teaching IR

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When Someone Asks If You’re Pregnant … And You’re Not

Originally posted on Erin Matson:
Yesterday, I was checking out at the vet when the receptionist smiled. “I shouldn’t ask this,” she said, looking at what I thought was my wallet. “Is that a baby bump?” “No,” I said. Where is…

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We don’t need anyone to burst into our Congress and interfere in what seems to be the our only reasonable foreign policy act over the last few years.

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About That Decline in EU Contributions to UN Peacekeeping

Originally posted on Dart-Throwing Chimp:
A couple of days ago, Ambassador Samantha Power, the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, gave a speech on peacekeeping in Brussels that, among other things, lamented a decline in the participation of European personnel…

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