Georgia Vano Merabishvili on the court process today

Vano Merabishvili: They destroy Rabati in order to delete our trace, with disguise towards us
,,The Georgians destroy Rabati in order to delete our trace, with disguise towards us,” – stated the former PM of Georgia Vano Merabishvili on the court process today.
As he said the present government is planning to disassemble of golden doom of Rabati Castle.
Merabishvili explained, this gold doom is not a doom of a particular building, as this is the corona of the whole complex and a new conception – Georgian Jerusalem.
,,All the institutions gathered now have never functioned in Akhaltsikhe. The renewed mosque, orthodox and catholic churches are at the same place,” – stated Merabishvili.
As he remarked, they were planning to restore the synagogue nearby and to unify everything via new streets in one complex.
Merabishvili said, all these would cause the development, employment and perspective of the people living in Akhaltsikhe and Samtskhe-Javakheti, and the symbol of all these was this golden corona.
,,Akhaltsikhe, as the capital of Meskheti, has seen many destroying. It was the arena of historical contradictions. This part of Georgia and this town have been eminent cultural and religion centre. Islam spread here in the 16th century. They decided to annul Christian trace in Akhaltsikhe, the churches turned into mosques, and the castle itself was a place of trade with captives. The people who destroyed churches were not foreign invaders. They were Georgians, who converted to Islam. Later Akhaltsikhe became the part of the Russian Empire. Later, communists occupied the part and started to annul past trace. They closed demolished churches and placed military hospital on the castle territory. These were done by Georgians who hated past and intended to annul it. Today the same happens. Georgians again, in order to delete our trace, demolish Rabati. They deliberately closed the objects there and now intend to demolish the main symbol of the complex,” – stated Merabishvili.
He appeals the government to restrain from destroying the town.
,,The present government disguises this fact by different terms and goals. Mulsims, Russians and Communists had also enough reasons when they were destroying. They called it to restore justice. Later of soon we will realize that it is impossible to delete history by destroying,” – says Vano Merabishvili.
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