David Zurabishvili is not going to continue his activities in the government

As he said during his visit to Prime Time press club today, he has serious plans since September and iot is beyond government
I would say, that I am not going to be a part of Government, you can not see me, though I will be very actively involved in the processes, I will not go as a deputy minister anywhere, as I was on the position which I consider, that I had certain experience, I had not the meeting with prime minister and discussion of the topics, as I do not go to Ivanishvili with claims,” said David Zurabishvili
The former deputy Minister considers, that there was not a party motivation in his dismissal. 
“Party received certain harm probably, but it cannot be the reason for a serious coup,” -said Zurabishvili
The deputy ministers of Education AludaGoglichidze, David Zurabishvili and Ketevan Natriashvili were officially dismissed based on the Prime Minister order on July 18. 
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