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Lake Tobavarchkhili (Georgian: ტობავარჩხილის ტბა) is situated in the Egrisi mountain range, in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region (Georgian: სამეგრელო-ზემო სვანეთი). The lake is known as “Crystal Lake” because of its clear, transparent water.

At an altitude of 2643m above sea level Tobavarchkhili is one of the most beautiful and remote natural monuments of Georgia.

The lake was formed by a glacier eroding the rock and then melting, filling the space that it created.

It is only possible to reach this glacial lake on foot – it’s about 20 km from the small town of Chkhorotsku (Georgian: ჩხოროწყუ). Visitors need to be physically fit and equipped with appropriate clothing and boots.

The best time to visit is from the end of June until early September. At other times of the year there is often heavy rain and thick fog.

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