Is FBI a co-participant of the May 26 brutal crackdown?










Saakashvili’s statement, made on July 20, was really shocking. For the first time, the reports had been voiced that “a crackdown of May 26, 2011 on Rustaveli Avenue was monitored at all stages by the FBI team” (these are Saakashvili’s words).

The executive board of “People’s Assembly” responded to this statement, holding a special briefing. To be reminded, peaceful meetings of May, 2011, were organized just by “People’s Assembly” on Rustaveli Avenue. The executive board addressed the U.S. Embassy to Georgia to comment on Saakashvili’s statement or verify information, or catch the author of the statement in the lie.

However, the Embassy has declined to make a comment so far, as well as the U.S. Department of State. It seems that the Americans are trying to get out of this really awkward situation without the extra noise in which they found themselves due to their closest ally and former protégé (Saakashvili). Everybody knows what a great support Saakashvili and his regime had from overseas, as well as the fact that the U.S. assistance played a crucial role in “Rose Revolution”.

By the way, the former Security Minister, V. Khaburdzania made a sensational statement about it on his own web-page of the social network “Facebook”. He said that during the events of 2003, the CIA representative was in his office almost every day, in an attempt to control the Minister’s (his) work. According to Khaburdzania, the “pro-American” part of the Ministry helped the American resident to do it.

Is this kind of information unbelievable? Definitely not, because there is plenty of evidence of the facts on how clearly and openly the representatives of certain foreign countries interfere in Georgia’s internal affairs, as well as how the Ambassadors of some countries make daily statements regarding the current political processes in our country. This is almost an unprecedented event in the modern world that the diplomats accredited in certain countries comment on even the smallest details of social-political situation of this country and thereby, intentionally or unintentionally, play a role of a mentor or adviser. Such a situation indicates an extreme weakening of Georgia’s state sovereignty which threatens the implementation of the national interests of the country.

As for the Americans’ presence at the MIA building during the May 26 crackdown and monitoring the progress of the operation, it is difficult to say whether it corresponds to reality or it’s information deliberately distorted by Saakashvili. As we said, the U.S. Embassy to Georgia and Department of State have neither confirmed nor denied this information so far. At the same time, let’s remember that the May 26 crackdown was preceded by a scandalous statement made by the former U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, John Bass, through which, according to many experts, somehow he had turned on “green light” for Saakashvili’s regime to use force. However, in the last days, the American side expressed concern over the methods of crackdown and excessive use of force.

If Saakashvili is lying and slandering the U.S. then the Americans should make him be responsible for it. They should also apologize to the Georgian people for fostering him to come to power and closing their eyes not to see the regime’s crimes for so many years, giving the opportunity to Saakashvili, Bokeria, Merabishvili and their comrades to stay in power.


Gogi Vekua, a political scientist

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