Black Sea Marauding, and Forgotten Ancient Armenian Citadels

a celebration of the random

Georgia and Eastern Turkey
July 2012

Tbilisi was the first big city I’d hit in over a month, which just felt good. I like being in rural areas, obviously…but the city is home. Travellers too often forget: abandoned/ruined/rural places may be our history, but current modern cities are our present, which is every bit as exciting. Sadly I had a very limited time in Georgia; I would have loved to explore the High Caucasus more.

Turkey is interesting, and the people there are usually very friendly and wonderful hosts. But the government is something out of a cartoon. There’s this goofy political inspiration to drink the Kool-aid, everywhere.  History gets rewritten to show how mighty Turkey is.  If the context is positive, they play up that the Ottoman Empire really was just Turkey with a different name….or, if the context is negative, they emphasize that Turkey is not the same…

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