Aliens, dictators and rapids, oh my!


It just wouldn’t be a trip to Tbilisi without some sort of travel snaffoo. To be fair, this was the most pleasant marshrutka ride yet. No crying or vomiting children, no chain smoking out the window, no driver drunkeness…instead I witnessed my first (and doubtfully last) marshrutka accident and near aggravated assault.

Our marshrutka must have passed too closely to the neighboring sedan and knocked their side view mirror clean off. What followed was a rock to the windshield hurled by the offended sedan and heated confrontation between both drivers who immediately pulled over. Though I could not understand their screaming, raised fists seem to translate to any language. It took several male passengers and 20 minute to pull the sparring drivers apart and get us back on track.

I met up with BB, JM, AH and EG for a drink and hor’doerves at the French inspired PurPur which had…

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