According to experts, it is not utopian to hold early parliamentary elections

Despite the Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili’s unequivocal position that the government is not discussing the issue of early parliamentary elections, this topic has recently been activated.










Extra- parliamentary opposition agrees with the idea of holding early elections, which is supported by a certain part of the society. Even an initiative group has been formed on early parliamentary elections a few days ago demanding to hold a referendum.

The president appoints early parliamentary elections as well as any elections, in the cases determined by the Constitution. However, the government is able to provoke the necessity for appointment of early parliamentary elections artificially.

The Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili explained a couple of days ago that early parliamentary elections were not expected to be appointed.

“This is not considered by us in any case. It is not my desire. We must somehow learn to respect the Constitution, even in such a case, when we are dealing with very complicated consequences. We need to adapt and learn the law, respect the Constitution and not to always make reference to the fact that we might call for early elections,”- said Ivanishvili.

However, are early parliamentary elections expected to be appointed? How far legitimate is this request and what previous conditions are necessary for it? “PirWeli” asked the political scientists for answering these questions.

The head of Election and Political Technologies Research Center, Kakha Kakhishvili is confident that the Parliament of the 8th convocation will fail to complete the work within the period prescribed by law.

“I am confident that this Parliament will fail to complete the work within the period prescribed by law and early elections will be necessary. First of all, I must say that this is an artificial Parliament. The minority is trying to present itself to the public as the government’s key rival. In addition, there is the ratio of 60:40 in the Parliament, which does not reflect the mood that is in the community. In addition, it is really possible to go Bidzina Ivanishvili from politics over a certain period of time. The PM was one of the strongest chaining factors of the government, which is not homogeneous. There are different currents and interests inside. Similarly, if Ivanishvili goes from politics, there is a high likelihood that a coalition might collapse before the local elections. This means that we’ll have a completely new configuration in the Parliament. This will be ended up by crisis. All this will lead to a demand for early parliamentary elections, “- said Kakhishvili.

Political scientist Soso Tsiskarishvili considers that it is necessary to be presented a manifold opposition spectrum to the legislative body for the country’s democratic development.

“Given the fact that the present Parliament consists of two governments and none of the opposition force, it is necessary to be closer to the reality of parliamentary life,” – said Tsikarishvili.

In addition, the political scientist believes that the “National Movement” is not opposition.

The “National Movement” discredits the term “opposition” because, the opposition parties in no other country of the world are led by the President under such kind of the Constitution that we have and none of the opposition force controls the governors, the judiciary system, part of the media. The fact that two political powers are in the mode of a failed cohabitation instead of a positive cooperation and business cohabitation process is ongoing completely transparently. This creates a demand for the existence of a more diverse political range,” – said Tsikarishvili.

He said the Parliament must have at least a dozen of the parties and “there must be arguments more than applauses of satisfaction there.”

Political scientist Ramaz Sakvarelidze thinks that if any strong factor is not created, the appointment of early parliamentary elections is not expected.

“It depends on what kind of the political climate will be created. Unless there is any strong situational factor encouraging policymakers to make the above-mentioned decision, perhaps, they will adhere to the existing reality,”- said Sakvarelidze.

As for the legal basis for early parliamentary elections, political scientist says that it may be a political crisis if the Parliament fails to approve the budget and the government. According to him, “Georgian Dream” can create it artificially, too, if it does not appear at the Parliament three times.

Accordingly, experts say that it is not utopian to hold early parliamentary elections, though, it is necessary to create relevant conditions for it.

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